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Lakeline Station Apartments & Leasing Center

Updated: Mar 9, 2018

Lakeline Station Apartments are unlike any other multifamily housing project in Austin. Comprised of multiple 4-story residential buildings, the complex is both affordable and environmentally friendly and the on-site learning center is designed with unique educational features.

Situated in Northwest Austin, Lakeline Station is a low-income housing project that includes 128 units for at-risk and homeless families through the Foundation Communities Children’s Home Initiative Program. The complex consists of several small buildings connected by a series of common walkways and a contiguous roof, as well as a 7,000 SF learning center for community education and outreach.

The learning center is designed to be a Net Zero Energy Building, meaning the total amount of energy consumed by the building is less than the amount of energy produced by the building’s photovoltaic (solar panel) system. Exposed MEP systems with color-coded ductwork can be used to explain building systems to tenants via educational programs. Classrooms have individual interfaces for power and lighting energy modeling, and can compete to see which room uses the least amount of power.

The apartments are designed to be 5 Star AEGB Certified, the highest possible certification under the Austin Green Building program. The learning center is seeking Living Building Challenge Petal Certification for its Net Zero design; the Living Building program is the most rigorous proven performance standard currently available.

The highly efficient MEP systems, including inverter-driven mini-splits and air temperature setback controls to minimize system energy consumption, save tenants up to 75% on utility bills.


· 128 units

· 7,000 SF learning center with exposed and color-coded MEP systems to be used as an educational tool.

· Learning center utilizes a high efficiency direct expansion VAV system with energy recovery and intelligent economizer controls.

· 5 Star AEGB Certified

· Seeking Living Building Challenge Petal Certification for Net Zero Energy Building design.

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